[ PS ] King of His Jungle

It seems that I'm going through the Gabriel Brothers at the moment! Here's a photoset with Johnny Gabriel - one of Mickey and Lynx's younger brothers. He is my Antisocial Sunshine and I love him.

Often a loner and never really one to be close with anyone, Johnny spends most of his days skipping school and most of his nights in cheap motels with complete strangers. He's not a 'tortured soul' or a prostitute. He's not forced to do anything. It's just how he likes to spend his time and it gets him what he feels he needs. You'll often see him roaming the streets at 2am with his hands in his pockets - or sitting on a park bench under the orange lights by cross walks.

I hoped you enjoyed this little shoot of Johnny. No real prose or snippets today~ I'm planning a good shoot for that, so don't worry! Look forward to it next time!

Until then~


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