[ PS ] Boy Talk

I've been trying to think up new ways I can make pictures of my BJDs look more 'candid' and real. You'd be surprised, but it's so hard to make them look completely natural that I consider even this rather mundane task an epic challenge. After all, BJD people usually run one of two ways with their photography...

There are ones who play up the fact they're taking pictures of dolls - and then there are the ones who try to make their dolls look as realistic as possible. That's not to say I want you to mistake my dolls as humans (though sometimes they have been!) - it merely means I want an organic and natural feel to my photos that make the characters seem more lifelike... but achieving that is easier said than done, I'm afraid.

So, basically in this shoot I tried to focus on angle and posing... trying to make it feel like they were mid-conversation when I decided to start taking pictures of them. I don't know how well it's worked, but I hope you like it!

I'm not sure if it worked so well this time, but the gist is there! Hopefully this experiment (and another one I did one sleepless night at 2am) will prove to be the basis of more engaging photography for the Level 13 Case Files I'm preparing. So hopefully you'll have that to look forward to! 

Until next time~


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