[ SN ] Someday...?

"Do you think one day we could all just be a family, Linus?"

Mickey's heart ached. It had ached for so long he really didn't know any other feeling. His only knowledge of joy was when one of his brothers would take some time to just... be with him. Talk to him. Laugh with him. He rarely smiled anymore. It was like he was shutting down as the world seemed to just whirr by in a blur of moments he couldn't quite remember. Couldn't quite... understand... how he even existed in them.

Tightening his arms around his brother, Mickey pressed his face against Lynx's skin and breathed him in. Grease, sweat, cologne and the faint smell of blood. There were so many things he wanted to say, but he had no idea how to say them so Lynx would understand. So he'd see... things were just not right anymore.

"S'ok, M." his voice was unusually tender this time. "Someday it'll happen. Someday."

Mickey desperately wanted to know when this 'someday' would happen. Some... day. What day? Tomorrow? The day after? What kind of day was 'some-day'? Some random day when they felt like stopping all of this?  

"Can't someday... be today?"

And here we are with the Gabriel twins. Yes you read right. These two are actually TWINS. Fraternal of course. Lynx however, has never told Mickey that they're twins. Just that they were brothers. After all.. Mickey really isn't smart enough to question it.

I hope you guys like this one~ I wanted to do a little snippet from Mickey's point of view in relation to the Gabriel Brothers' situation. There are four of them and of the four, Mickey is the glue that kind of binds them all together. Hopefully I'll get a family portrait done for you soon! Hee~ For now, enjoy!

Just starting to move some of the old content over~! <3


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