[ HK ] Okay.. god.. I hate blogger

God... blogger... it's killing me. Nothing displays the way I want it to on this god forsaken thing. I think I might actually revert to my wordpress on my domain again and just try and add some more content into the sidebar and add a slider into the header. T^T This is just... I don't even. >.<;;;

Sorry guys... I'll try and figure out how to fix the image display since my latest photostory just doesn't seem to want to work on here!

[ PS ] A Storm Is Coming


This is Sin.  

Currently, a blurry black and white photo that doesn't even show his face is the only thing anyone in law enforcement even knows of him. They don't know his name. They don't know his nationality. They have no idea where he comes from or why he's been at the scene of every major paranormal anomaly in recent history.

He is an enigma. A hazy fog between shades of grey, wrapped in a pretty bow of anger management issues. Oh he's a demon, all right. One that Hell itself spat out because it didn't like the taste of him.

Soon, though... soon... Hell would feel what the cold, unrelenting grip of Wrath truly was.

Soon... the storm would come.

Thought I'd finally get around to posting all of Sin's pics from this shoot on the blog. I absolutely LOVE him. Ack! He's so wonderfully psycho. He sits on my shelf and other dollies don't like going near him. Well... except Mickey... but that's because Mickey's dumb and adorable... and almost as big as Sin is. XD

I hope you enjoyed the picspam! Have fun until the next update, guys!

[ PS ] Boy Talk

I've been trying to think up new ways I can make pictures of my BJDs look more 'candid' and real. You'd be surprised, but it's so hard to make them look completely natural that I consider even this rather mundane task an epic challenge. After all, BJD people usually run one of two ways with their photography...

There are ones who play up the fact they're taking pictures of dolls - and then there are the ones who try to make their dolls look as realistic as possible. That's not to say I want you to mistake my dolls as humans (though sometimes they have been!) - it merely means I want an organic and natural feel to my photos that make the characters seem more lifelike... but achieving that is easier said than done, I'm afraid.

So, basically in this shoot I tried to focus on angle and posing... trying to make it feel like they were mid-conversation when I decided to start taking pictures of them. I don't know how well it's worked, but I hope you like it!

I'm not sure if it worked so well this time, but the gist is there! Hopefully this experiment (and another one I did one sleepless night at 2am) will prove to be the basis of more engaging photography for the Level 13 Case Files I'm preparing. So hopefully you'll have that to look forward to! 

Until next time~

[ PS ] King of His Jungle

It seems that I'm going through the Gabriel Brothers at the moment! Here's a photoset with Johnny Gabriel - one of Mickey and Lynx's younger brothers. He is my Antisocial Sunshine and I love him.

Often a loner and never really one to be close with anyone, Johnny spends most of his days skipping school and most of his nights in cheap motels with complete strangers. He's not a 'tortured soul' or a prostitute. He's not forced to do anything. It's just how he likes to spend his time and it gets him what he feels he needs. You'll often see him roaming the streets at 2am with his hands in his pockets - or sitting on a park bench under the orange lights by cross walks.

I hoped you enjoyed this little shoot of Johnny. No real prose or snippets today~ I'm planning a good shoot for that, so don't worry! Look forward to it next time!

Until then~

[ SN ] Someday...?

"Do you think one day we could all just be a family, Linus?"


[ Case 01 ] The Beginning of the End

Hey guys!

I have great news! I've been able to make Level 13 Case 01 available to read online, rather than having to download a .PDF version! You can still download a .PDF if you like, but there's now going to be web versions of each case right here for you to browse at your leisure! Just mouse over the preview and click expand! You can even turn the pages with your left and right arrow keys!

[ HK ] ...I really dislike Blogger right now...

Excuse the mess... blogger has decided to somehow completely SCREW my nice looking template... I'm too tired to fix it now, so sorry about the awful way it looks.... I did have it going well, until it had an error and keeps refusing to update my HTML.

Is it always such a pain in the ass to use? :/

[ HK ] Attempting to customise!

So long time no post here... The truth is after I made this, I ended up making my own site on a domain instead of using Blogger, but I've been finding it a bit difficult to keep up other people's blogs and update my own easily (so people can follow it and I can follow people). In the end, I've decided to re-attempt Blogger (god help me).

[ HK ] Level 13 Blogger?

Level 13

Hi guys, welcome to the Level 13 Blogger! This is the site where little tidbits and extras, as well as the full web chapters of the Level 13 story will be put up. If you've just stumbled across this blog and don't know what Level 13 is, here's a little bit of a run down for you!

Level 13 is a project that involves combining literary fiction and Asian Ball Jointed Doll photography to tell a story of (hopefully) epic proportions in a gritty, modern fantasy setting. All characters in the story are embodied and brought to life by their doll counterparts (who belong to me, the author) and are photographed to give a cinematic feel to the entire reading experience.

For now this blog is under construction, but soon enough Level 13 chapter one will be releasing -- along with some other cool stuff like character bios and more!