[ PS ] A Storm Is Coming


This is Sin.  

Currently, a blurry black and white photo that doesn't even show his face is the only thing anyone in law enforcement even knows of him. They don't know his name. They don't know his nationality. They have no idea where he comes from or why he's been at the scene of every major paranormal anomaly in recent history.

He is an enigma. A hazy fog between shades of grey, wrapped in a pretty bow of anger management issues. Oh he's a demon, all right. One that Hell itself spat out because it didn't like the taste of him.

Soon, though... soon... Hell would feel what the cold, unrelenting grip of Wrath truly was.

Soon... the storm would come.

Thought I'd finally get around to posting all of Sin's pics from this shoot on the blog. I absolutely LOVE him. Ack! He's so wonderfully psycho. He sits on my shelf and other dollies don't like going near him. Well... except Mickey... but that's because Mickey's dumb and adorable... and almost as big as Sin is. XD

I hope you enjoyed the picspam! Have fun until the next update, guys!


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