[ HK ] Level 13 Blogger?

Level 13

Hi guys, welcome to the Level 13 Blogger! This is the site where little tidbits and extras, as well as the full web chapters of the Level 13 story will be put up. If you've just stumbled across this blog and don't know what Level 13 is, here's a little bit of a run down for you!

Level 13 is a project that involves combining literary fiction and Asian Ball Jointed Doll photography to tell a story of (hopefully) epic proportions in a gritty, modern fantasy setting. All characters in the story are embodied and brought to life by their doll counterparts (who belong to me, the author) and are photographed to give a cinematic feel to the entire reading experience.

For now this blog is under construction, but soon enough Level 13 chapter one will be releasing -- along with some other cool stuff like character bios and more!


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